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  • Infrared Imaging

    Canada Global is a leading company in the infrared imaging market in Qatar. Our technology covers industry, environmental, safety and security applications.

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  • Offshore Drilling Completion Tools

    Canada Global  endeavours to provide products & services of exceptional value and give its stakeholders a viable advantage in their markets as it supports them to stay abreast of their competitors.

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  • Partial Discharge

    Partial Discharge (PD) is a small electrical discharge or spark within MV or HV insulation which gradually erodes the insulation. In time this erosion can lead to a “bridge” forming in the insulation, leading to a flashover.

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  • Infrared Thermal Imaging for Utilities, Oil & Gas

    Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. Infrared thermography allows us to see these invisible

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  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Test | SFRA Test

    This is very reliable and sensitive method or tool for condition monitoring of the physical condition of transformer windings. The winding of transformer may be subjected to mechanical stresses

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  • Drykeep of transformer

    DryKeep® is a SMART, on-line power transformer dry-out system that provides continuous maintenance prior to equipment failures – it’s proactive, cost-efficient, and powerful

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  • Acoustic | Ultrasound Air Leak Detection in Qatar

    Compressed air leak detection and localization, real-time leak size and cost estimate.

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