A facility can have thousands of connections and fittings that require regular inspection, but the reality is only a small percentage of these components will ever leak. Testing them all with a traditional “sniffer” takes a great deal of time, effort and may put the inspector in an unsafe environment.

Optical gas imaging gives you the power to spot invisible gases as they escape, so you can find fugitive emissions faster and more reliably than with sniffer detectors. With our services you can document gas leaks that lead to lost product, lost revenue, fines, and safety hazards.

Detects more than 400 gas compounds including:

Methane, Ethane, 1-Pentene, MEK, Heptane, Methanol, Propylene, Isoprene, MIBK, Xylene, Propane, Ethanol, Butane, Toluene, Ethylene, Benzene, Pentane, Ethyl benzene, Octane, and Hexane.

Ground-breaking technology for visualizing fugitive hydrocarbon leaks at natural gas well sites, off-shore platforms, liquid natural gas terminals, and more. Third-Party certifications for use in hazardous locations allow us to work confidently while maintaining safety.

Greater emission reductions

Visualizing incredibly small hydrocarbon gas leaks with the sensitivity needed to comply with the US EPA’s 0000a methane rule. We can use it to scan large areas and check thousands of components over the course of one inspection. The digital camera and automatic GPS tagging ensure you’ll meet reporting requirements without the need for extra equipment.